• Commercial Offset Printer

    PersadaCommercial Offset Printer

    We are Persada, an Offset Printing Company

    We are PT. Persada Utama Tirta Lestari. A commercial printing company. We works with quality. Located in Jalan Adam no 50, Rawa Belong Jakarta Barat.

  • Specializing in Books

    SpecializedWe Print Anything!

    Specialize Printing with Quality

    We were made to be a perfectionist at everything we did. This is why we are one of the best printing company in Indonesia. We are trusted by the Domestic as well the International Market.

  • Celebrating 33 Years

    Celebrating33 Years of Persada

    33 Years of Dedication to All of our Clients

    Time flews. After more then three decades of our dedication, giving the best services to all of our clients. We are here today to keep improve our self to serve even better. A special thanks to all of our clients from our chairman.

Media Kits

Media Kits

Any business that wants to get noticed by the media makes up a media kit. Depending on the business, a media kit may be anything from a basic press release about the company all the way to an elaborate package that includes a CD or DVD about the company, slides and free samples.

Mediakits Mediakits Mediakits
  • Media Kits

    Sample of Media Kits

  • Books and CD

    All in one box Books and CD

  • CD Cover

    A simple thin CD Cover